If you own an iPhone 8 or iPhone X and tried to charge your phone wirelessly in coffee shops and airports, you’ve probably already discovered that not all of them work, this is due to the fact that Powermat made some of these which uses a competing standard for wireless charging.

Things are about to change as Powermat, the wireless charging technology pioneer, today announced it will become the newest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) member. “Powermat will contribute its technology and expertise to further advance inductive wireless charging capabilities while maintaining backwards compatibility to the existing Qi ecosystem.”

“Qi has become the dominant wireless charging standard on the market and the recently launched Apple iPhone lineup is evidence of this success”, said Elad Dubzinski, Powermat CEO. “Powermat will share technology innovation to further unlock wireless charging potential, and will expedite the growth of the wireless charging infrastructure, bringing wireless charging to wherever users need it”. “Powermat is joining more than 360 companies now supporting the Qi standard including industry leaders such as Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics, Delphi and more.”

Chains such as Starbucks which uses Powermat chargers, had the company retrofit them with Qi compatible chargers as a result of Apple adopting wireless charging.