Todays quick tips section is regarding the importance of restarting your iPhone to clear up any software issues you may be suffering from.

Welcome to episode 10 of Quick Tips, this is a new section where we share quick tips with our readers. Todays quick tips section is how to disable screenshots on your Apple Watch.

Disabling screenshots can be done quickly and easily on your Apple Watch by following these steps:

– On your Apple Watch Go to Settings > General

– Swipe or scroll down and select Screenshots

– Shift the toggle to turn off the enabled screenshots settings.

Another way is to do this on your iPhone:

– On iPhone’s Watch app go to My Watch tab
Tap on Settings > General
Scroll down until you find the Enable Screenshots option
Disable the screenshots feature by turning of Enable Screenshot toggle.

We hope you find these quick tips helpful, make sure you check out our Apps Gone free section as well.


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