Todays quick tips section is regarding Account Recovery which is essential for your account information to be as up-to-date as possible incase you are ever locked out your account.

Welcome to episode 4 of Quick Tips, this is a new section where we share quick tips with our readers. Todays quick tips section is regarding Wifi Calling.

Wifi Calling

When you get a new iPhone and restore from your previous phone’s backup, your settings should carry over. In some cases, however, Wi-Fi calling is off even though you enabled it for your previous phone.

Here’s how to check your Wi-Fi Calling settings, and re-enable the feature if it’s off:

Launch Settings on your iPhone
Tap Phone

Select Wi-Fi Calling

You can also choose to add Wi-Fi calling on other devices if your carrier supports it.

If it’s already active, you’re good to go. If not, tap Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone to enable the feature.