Google Assistant Forget Me Privacy Option

Google is committed to updating their assistant making it better for users with each update, in the “Services and your privacy” section details a new (renamed) security feature has been spotted by 9to5google but does not yet appear to be live allows users to be sent a unique code so that the assistant “can still remember things like your preferences during conversations.” Users will also be able to reset the code for each service with the ‘Forgot me’ option in your Google Assistant settings.

Virgin Mobile employee memo claims (RED) iPhone 8 & 8 Plus launching today

Last week we wrote about a concept design of a Red iPhone, and on Sunday a report supposedly from Virgin Mobile has informed employees that Apple is launching a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus this week. The memo, which was obtained by MacRumors, states that Virgin Mobile will be adding the new smartphone to its inventory on Monday, April 9th following Apple’s announcement. Last year Apple issued a Press release to announce their (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7.