Today has been a busy day for PayPal, they announced that they have partnered with Apple to allow users to Purchase apps and Apple Music subscriptions using PayPal. It has also been announced that Samsung has expanded strategic partnership with PayPal Holdings, Inc., adding PayPal as a payment method within Samsung Pay.

Wherever Samsung Pay is accepted wether it be in-app, online and in-store. Access to PayPal will be available for all Samsung Pay users in the United States and will expand to other countries soon. Additionally, through Braintree (a PayPal service), merchants will be able to accept Samsung Pay as a method of payment in-app and online.

In a press release Samsung writes “Customers will be able to use their Samsung Pay to access and use their PayPal wallet, letting them make a payment in millions of stores. Users simply add their PayPal account to Samsung Pay, and can then spend the balance anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted. Additionally, users will continue to benefit from Samsung Pay’s unique value-added services, including gift cards, membership and loyalty cards. Thanks to Samsung’s NFC and proprietary MST technology, Samsung Pay is the most widely-accepted mobile payment platform on the market and works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card today. Now, with the integration of PayPal wallet, customers can continue to use Samsung Pay in the most convenient way possible.”

Let us know if you will be taking advantage of this Partnership on your Samsung device.

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