Every year we see ‘screener’ copies of some of the most critically acclaimed films flood the internet, previously we we greeted with the Same Expendables 3 before its release and this year we have seen Straight Outta Compton, Brooklyn, Room and in recent days The Peanuts Movie and Carol. 

Screener copies are ‘securely’ sent out for review however some of these movies leak to the Internet. This grants pirates the ability to watch big titles in a better quality instead of the usual cam quality that is usually experienced for such early releases.

Yesterday we saw the leak of the Tom Hardy Krays movie ‘Legend’ and ‘In the Heart of the Sea’. Today we have seen the arrival of Creed, the hateful eight and the revenant. 

One of the groups known as “Hive-CM8” is behind the leaks, say that they have obtained copies of dozens of screeners and is preparing to leak them out one by one during the days to come.

“Will do them all one after each other, started with the hottest title of this year, the rest will follow.”

These leaks are most likely set to attract a response from law enforcement.

stay safe online
Source torrent freak.