Shazam today updated its iOS app with what would be considered a major update, it has added a new way to save song snippets when your iPhone or iPad is offline, automatically identifying them once your device is back online.

This new feature allows you to capture parts of songs even if you do not have internet and will certainly help Apple compete against Google who recently announced they plan to acquire Shazam for $400 million. Currently Google allows users to find a song even in offline mode as they downloads snippets of hundreds of songs for offline mode.

To try out the new feature, place your iOS device into Airplane Mode, open Shazam, tap the main button to start listening for a song that’s playing, and then the app will prompt you with a message saying the Shazam has been saved.

The next time the device reconnects to the internet you open Shazam again, the app will automatically name the song and add it to the “My Shazam” section of the app. The company noted in the version 11.6.0 release notes that it will also send you a notification to let you know that the Shazam is ready when you are back online.