Sky has today announces that it is increasing their commitment to protect its customers by automatically turning on Sky Broadband Shield for all new broadband customers as standard in 2016. 

The first time a new customer visits the internet they will be informed that Sky Broadband Shield is on, currently new customers are asked whether they want to use Sky Broadband Shield. 

Sky Broadband Shield lets users filter which websites are seen in their home, as part of the broadband set-up process, this will be automatically set to 13 until 9pm and then 18 afterwards unless it is amended.

Customers can amend the settings or turn it off if they want, by logging into MySky with their password. 


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Sky Broadband Shield works across all devices connected to Sky Broadband, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. 

Many apps such as Moviebox and cartoonhd are blocked by Sky Sheild.