One of the top-selling points on smart phones these days is security, Apple updated their touch ID to help make it more convenient than inputting passcodes to help prevent unauthorized individuals to gain access to a device.

There are occasions though where we don’t always want to have to input our thumbprint or passcode for example when we are relaxing at home or when we have our music connected via our bluetooth speaker but there’s not really much of an option to bypass this.

2016-01-12 19.52.41

SmartPass fixes this problem by removing the passcode entry requirement in a variety of situations that users can configure from the settings. Simply add a situation to such as eing connected to a specific WIFI  to a whitelist to have your device unlock without a password. Users still be prompted to swipe in these situations but will not be presented with the Touch ID section or the passcode section. Once purchased you will need to reboot your device for it to work.

2016-01-12 19.52.52

This tweak has been created by the well known CP Digital Darkroom and costs just $1.00 which is super affordable and is availale from the BigBoss repo.

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