For some time Snapchat has cracked down on the use of 3rd party apps and today we can see why. 

A report by Sudo Security Group shows that a number of popular 3rd party apps that allow users to access their snapchat accounts have been sending Snapchat credentials over insecure connections to their own servers first. 
Will Strafach of Sudo Security Group says there is no legitimate reason for these to be passing this information to their own surveys first. Two separate apps tested sent information to the same server “”. 

Will used his companies upcoming app to perform these checks and once published to the public the app will provide limited connection related information to users so they can get a much better understanding on any app before using it, and what’s best is this information will be provided free. 

We recommend users stop using 3rd party apps for snapchat and change their login information. 

Original source 9to5Mac