When Halide first released its iOS app I purchased it and reviewed it as a must have app for iPhone users. Since it’s launch I’ve used it more and more and it has even replaced my stock camera app on my home screen.

Shot on halide

The camera is so good that as soon as the company announced the release of their new app called Spectre I immediately downloaded it.

Spectre takes takes hundreds of photos and intelligently combines them into one Live Photo, giving you a still image and a video of your exposure, I’m currently away on holidays and thought it was the perfect time to try the app. I’ve taken several shots in crowded areas and after a few goes I quickly got the hang of it.

I’m shooting on an iPhone 8+ and I’ve seen a few users report blurry photos, I’ve only noticed a small blur with light trails toggles off, however, the team tweet out that they will be looking into this.

Shot on spectre

The app itself is simple to use and I’m looking forward to taking nighttime shots to get some light trail effects. The interface has an accelerometer icon to show when the device is steady enough to take a photo. Users can choose between 3, 5 or 9 second exposure and an option to have light trail on or off. The end result is a photo in a crowded area with no crowd. If you want to purchase this app you can do so here.