Two days ago we covered how Spotify had updated their iOS apps to take advantage of SiriKit and also built an app for Apple TV. As an Apple Music and Spotify subscriber I eagerly installed the app on my TV and thought I would give it a try compared to Apple Music.

When you first launch the Spotify app it gives you a login button that you select and it gives you a code for you to enter on your iOS device via safari which makes sense this way they are not taking signups via the AppStore and so does not have to pay Apple a percentage.

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Once logged in the main screen is ok and easy to navigate however if I search for a song and choose to play it this is where the experience changes. Currently, if I tell Spotify to play a song on my iPhone or Google Home it finishes that song and plays another random song based on their algorithms which for the most part are a good fit, however, this does not happen on the Apple TV. The next song is played based on your search which tends to be the same song but just sung by a different person which is not what I want to happen.

Comparing Spotify to Apple Music

Comparing the Spotify app to Apple Music app you get the album artwork displayed when playing a song on Apple Music if I want to browse the next song up next I swipe over and get the new album artwork which I can click if I want to skip to that song or keep scrolling until I find another song. Spotify doesn’t give you this option, you can only press the skip button and only then will you get the new artwork. Apple Music has had lyrics for some time but in tvOS13 introduced Live Lyrics but Spotify does not offer Lyrics at all.

Spotify had a great opportunity here to appeal to users on Apple TV and truly take Apple on and in my opinion, has failed miserably just like the Apple Watch app. It seems to take Spotify forever to put an app on hardware and when they do its half baked and borderline useless.

Currently, users can use a third-party watch app Apollo for Spotify without the iPhone which puts Spotify to shame. Whilst writing this review I launched Spotify on my Apple TV and it has logged me out forcing me to go through the logging in option again.