Spotify, the UK’s biggest music streaming service, has finally started testing a way of filtering out songs which have explicit lyrics.

The feature which has been on its featured requests forum for approximately six year has been introduced on its iPhone and iPad apps.

Rivals such as Apple Music already have password-protected parental controls to skip explicit tracks. Some users say Spotify’s feature does not have enough control settings and is only available to Premium users, does not have a Pin code and can be changed by anyone with access to the device.

The new setting, which was first introduced at the start of April, greys out explicit songs and prevents them from playing, but it doesn’t replace them with clean versions.

Spotify describes the explicit content filter as a “beta version” and says it is currently being tested for “some users”.

In a statement it said: “We are always testing new products and experiences at Spotify, but have no further news to share on a product launch at this time.”