A new start-up Syng has been made by a former Apple designer Christopher Stringer and as ex-Apple employees the start-up aims To take on the Apple HomePod with their ‘Cell’ speaker with its own superior computational audio processing.

Stringer is named on more than 1,400 patents in the United States, and was involved in the legal battle with Samsung. Stringer is credited for innovations pertaining to the iPhone, Apple Watch, and the HomePod.

According to the Financial Times Syng is using a combination of design and sound quality to create a new type of speaker which is  set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2020. So far, the startup has raised in the region of $15 million in funding, and is aiming to raise more ahead of the launch.

Syng also hopes to bolster revenues by licensing out its rendering technology to other speaker producers, as well as setting up its own subscription service.