Over the past 48 hours we have seen numerous small reports which in their self isn’t massive but we still want to keep you up to date.

Netflix drops AirPlay support

Netflix is taking another swipe at Apple after recently removing all options to purchase a monthly subscription from their apps forcing users to pay via Netflix’s website and now they have disabled the ability to stream content from an iOS device to Apple TV using Apple’s AirPlay, the first move was so hey didn’t have to pay Apple a cut of their profit but the latest move simply limits customer options. In a statement Netflix says “Airplay is no longer supported for use with Netflix due to technical limitations.”

Apple Music vs Spotify

Apple Music has officially passed Spotify for US paid users in February. Apple has seen a monthly growth rate of about 2.6% – 3%, compared with 1.5% – 2% for Spotify. Apple Music had more than 28 million U.S. subscribers in February compared to Spotify’s 26 million paid U.S. subscribers.

Apple drops the price of the HomePod

Apple has dropped the price of the HomePod from $349 to $299. The price drop still keeps it in the premium smart speaker space but any price drop is better for its customers.Apple drops the price of Apple Music in India

Apple drops the price of Apple Music in India

Apple has enjoyed being unrivalled in India for awhile but since Spotify and YouTube music have arrived Apple has now dropped their price to try and keep a competitive endge. The new pricing offers the service as a monthly subscription of Rs 99 ($1.43) for individuals and Rs 149 ($2.15) for families. Students now get to stream music as just Rs 49 (71 cents) a month.

Apple may be killing iTunes

When Apple first launched iTunes it made sense but over the years Apple has added several things and removed others making iTunes a mess and now Apple may be finally preparing to kill off iTunes altogether, Steven Troughton-Smith has dug through some of Apple’s code and is confident that “Apple appears to be working on new UIKit-based Music, Podcasts, and Books apps for macOS, all three of which will join the TV app that Apple.”