Pay-monthly and Sim-only customers have been offered a £3 discount from their bill if they agree to receiving ads. 

The deal is every few times you unlock your phone, you’ll see an an offer, advert (an image, not a video), or a news story from The Sun or The Times. 

The offer is only available to those with newer Android phones and the user must download the free Tesco Mobile Xtras app, which will display the adverts which uses 100-120MB of data on average each month. If the users travels abroad the app automatically pauses itself to stop any charges. 

Tesco says the adverts should appear every two to three unlocks which on average means the user will see the ads about 25-30 times a day.

The company states that customers must ‘Look at’ (unlocking your phone and seeing an advert on the screen.) at least one advert a day for 21 days in a month.

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Sponsored by Blueleafhosting for all your hosting needs

Tesco confirmed that users don’t have to click on it or interact with it in any way and can easily dismiss it by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right-hand corner, and doing so won’t rob you of the £3 discount. 

Users can also use the Xtras app to make sure that they are on track to get your discount in any given month by opening the Xtras app.