Everyone likes free apps no matter if you are an Apple or Android fan and so today we have some apps that have gone free for our readers.


Welcome to Today’s episode of free apps for 2020, in this episode we cover apps that have gone free for both Android or Apple fans. Make sure you share these with your family and friends and check back often for even more deals. If you find any great apps that go free or would like to promote your own app make sure you let us know. Make sure you check out our new quick tips section.

Android Apps

Knots 3D


Audible Broadcast text to sound walkie-talkie

Garden Time (Freedom)


iOS Apps

My City : After School



Spending Log Pro

3DPro Camera

Knots 3D

Grind Fitness

Able black

Apple Watch Apps Still Free

Anchor Pointer Compass GPS

Deuce – Tennis Scorekeeper

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