Everyone likes free apps no matter if you are an Apple or Android fan and so today we have some apps that have gone free for our readers.


Welcome to Todays free apps, when we first started this section we were not sure how popular it would become with our readers but we are pleased with your response and so we are pleased to publish our seventy-eighth article.

In this episode we cover apps that have gone free for both Android or Apple fans. Make sure you share these with your family and friends and check back often for even more deals. If you find any great apps that go free or would like to promote your own app make sure you let us know. Make sure you check out our new quick tips section.

Android Apps

CPU Cooler Pro – Phone Cooler Pro for Android

QR Barcode Scanner Pro

Chicago 3D Pro live wallpaper

Tower Builder

iOS Apps

Kids Paint

Safety Note+

HappyTruck: Explorer

AirDisk Pro

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Stream Music Player

Videos in Video


Apple Watch Apps 

Pineapple Timer


Watch Feeds

Mac Apps 

Winmail Opener Pro


Apple TV Apps 

Heavy Blade

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