Today we decided to do a post dedicated Modded apps for iOS, if this article interest you let us know in the comments and we may make it a regular feature, users will need either a signing service to install the apps or Cydia Impactor.

Last Day On Earth: Zombie Survival v1.5.8
Hack Features
– Coins Hack –
– Duplicate Items Hack
– Skill Points Hack
– Weapon/Item Durability Hack

Forward Assault v1.0.1
Hack Features:
– Unlimited Ammo

GTA Vice City
Hack Features:
– Godmode
– All the weapons in the game with umlimited ammo spawn on the safehouse on the beach.
– The only cool vehicles I thought were decent enough was the Nascar Car and the 1980s is version also at the beach safehouse.
– All Vehicles you enter become INVINCIBLE, which means they will never explode. (If you go into the water you must keep tapping the change camera button to die and respawn)

Fallout Shelter v1.11.2
Hack Features:
– Freeze Food, Water, Power, Caps, Nukabottle, Medkits, Stimpex

Tinder++ V7.4.1
Hack Features:
– Tinder Premium
– Tinder Select
– Unlimited Super like