Admist the emissions scandal that has struck the German car-maker, Volkswagen admitted 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide, including 1.2 million in the UK, are fitted with the controversial software.

This software switches engines to a cleaner mode when they are undergoing official testing, to make them seem ‘greener’ than they actually are.

For owners there’s been plenty to be upset about however road tax won’t be one of those.

UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin says: “Our priority is to protect the public and give them full confidence in diesel tests.

“The Government expects VW to support owners of these vehicles already purchased in the UK and we are playing our part by ensuring no-one will end up with higher tax costs as a result of this scandal.
“We are also starting our testing programme to get to the bottom of what the situation is for VW cars in the UK and understand the wider implications for other car types to give all consumers certainty”

Are you affected by VW’s dishonest practice? Will you be looking for a different vehicle?