Every year Apple send out it’s press event invite in August and this year we expect no difference, but knowing exactly when those invites will be sent is not a certainty, however looking at Apple’s past invite trends we see that Apple tends to stick as close to the end of August as possible.

image from Mac rumours google search

For the past four years Apple has announced their Autumn events as follows:

Thursday 31st Aug 2017

Monday 29th Aug 2016

Thursday 27th AUGUST 2015

Thursday 28th August 2014

If Apple sticks to this trend we should see press invites sent out Next week either on Monday 27th August or Thursday 31st. Now Apple does like to occasionally break the cycle and mix it up but going off the current trends this is our best guess. During these Autumn events Apple announces new iPhones, Apple Watch and release iOS 12 to the public.

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