Happy Christmas Eve to you all, over the past week we have seen some exciting developments in the Jailbreak community, we have seen a version of Filezila for unjailbroken devices which has allowed users to make some changes to your device, yesterday we saw a jailbreak release but it was for developers only as it doesn’t include a working Cydia.

We have seen several youtube guides on how to use both Filezila and the developers jailbreak tool, however I would highly suggest that users avoid both of these because neither are good for people who have limited knowledge on the in-depth workings of tweaking their devices, I have come across countless messages from people who have messed their devices up using both of these and being forced to restore and update their devices leaving them ineligible for the upcoming public jailbreak.

I have come across people who are well versed in jailbreaking coming across errors causing several issues on their device, so whilst it seems as though Christmas has come early I would advise waiting a bit longer for a stable version and leave these tools alone for those it was meant for Developers. Saurik who has a full time job is working hard in his spare time whilst receiving a lot of hate as usual and developers of the jailbreak are receiving countless messages of abuse and demands for eta’s. Lets remember none of us are entitled to a jailbreak it is a luxury and especially at this time of year it is the spirit of giving and generally being nice to others. Merry Christmas to you all!!