For the past few years I have been slowly growing my smart home and one feature I use almost daily is the ability to add items to a shopping list. Currently we use Google mini’s around the house where we can just give it voice commands to add to our shopping list and we can use the google assistant on our iPhone’s when we go shopping, however sometimes I go shopping without my iPhone and just my Apple Watch which doesn’t support Google Assistant.

I decided to go on a search for an app that would work cross platform as we may not always use Apple Products or we may change everything to Apple and wouldn’t want to switch apps all the time. I eventually came across an App that not only works cross Platform but has recently updated their apple watch app using WatchKit.

Bring! simplifies grocery shopping with  integrated recipes, loyalty cards and individual shopping suggestions, Bring! will help you save time, money and energy while organising your grocery shopping and accompanies you through the entire shopping process.

Bring Works With Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Android Wear and Apple Smartwatches making it one of the most powerful shopping list apps on the market. Bring would be an app that I would pay for, however, this app is completely free.

How do I use Bring! With Siri?

First, you have activate the “Siri & Search” settings for Bring! In your iPhone settings. In the Bring! app you have to choose a default list which Siri will access, you can do that in Profile > Settings > Default list.

How do I connect Bring! to my Google Home?

You will have to set a default list in the Bring! then set Bring as the default app using the Google Home app.

How do I connect Bring! to my Amazon Echo?

First, download the Bring! skill from the Amazon Store. You can then connect the skill to your Bring! account in the Alexa app. You will have to set a default list in the Bring! skill to which all items will be added when using the Bring! Skill. Please also note that you always have to start the Bring! skill each time before adding items to your list.

Bring let’s you share the list with others so it doesn’t matter who’s going the shopping they will always have access to the most up-to-date list available. You can download bring for free on iOS and Android.