A new Semi-tethered jailbreak called checkra1n, has been released to the public, Currently the tool is still an early release and is only for macOS users. checkra1n will eventually support all devices between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone X, however, this beta lacks support for the following devices:

iPad Air 2
iPad 5th Gen
iPad Pro 1st Gen

Support for these devices will be added in a later release.

Support for the following devices is experimental, and may require more attempts than usual:

iPhone 5s
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3
iPad Air
To test on these devices, run the checkra1n app with ./checkra1n.app/Contents/MacOS/checkra1n_gui – to run the CLI.

Unsupported platforms

This beta is only available for macOS. Work is ongoing to support Windows and Linux, which will be added in a later release.

Package managers

At the moment, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers is coming soon, and will not require a checkra1n update.

Users are advised against installing checkra1n on a primary device. Users can install checkra1n from here.