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Cydia PirateMy name is Ken and I’m an ex-cydia pirate, I first started jailbreaking on iOS 5, I had no real knowledge of jailbreaking but used some how to YouTube videos. Once jailbroken I had no real idea what to do so Google became my new friend and I soon found how to add repo’s and install free tweaks, after some research I quickly found pirate repo’s and used them happily with no real thought about the developers.

One day I installed a pirated tweak I wanted to try and it quickly screwed up my jailbreak and I had to restore my device and start all over again and man was I annoyed with myself, this time I decided to be more careful and check tweaks were compatible, this didn’t stop me pirating I just thought cydia doesn’t have a try before you buy so why not.

Two months in an again a tweak which was compatible yet pirated killed my jailbreak again and this time i was fuming. I started to buy tweaks but quickly found some paid tweaks were totally rubbish and not worth a cent. Now i was out of pocket and had no use for this tweak this was the first time I thought about developers and how they put in the work and saw little return because of people like me were pirating their stuff.

When iOS 7 jailbreak was released I was a fully paying jailbreaker and 90% happy with my purchases yet there were still a 10% of my tweaks that I would consider useless and not worth any money, since iOS8 and iOS 9 I’ve seen many talented developers leave the jailbreak scene due to high piracy rates and this makes me sad that I used to be one of those. I really wish Cydia would introduce a 24 hour free trial of tweaks to make sure they are worth the money and I’m sure piracy would drop 80% and be more incentive for developers to make kickass tweaks again. I urge all jailbreakers to pay for tweaks because developers work hard to provide users with some amazing tweaks and some of those we have seen implemented in iOS releases don’t be a pirate be legit.

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