We show you why adding personal and private data to your Facebook is never a good idea even if your profile is set to private.

For a number of years Facebook has offered more and more features to help friends and family member stay connected on Facebook.

As we use Facebook more and more we get used to sharing more information about ourselves and our private lives.

Despite Facebook having numerous security problems their user base continues to rise, however, hackers and thieves can easily access some of our accounts thanks to our Facebook profile.

Facebook not only allows us to add family members as friends but also list them on our profile and this information can easily be used to trace some secret questions to our accounts including bank accounts or mobile phones.

One question that companies often ask is what was your Mother maiden name? A quick Facebook search easily provides this detail.

Private Facebook profile

Some users myself included set their profile to friends only which is a good security step but how many people are on our friends list are who we think they are?

The Test

I decided to run a small test I set up a Facebook profile similar to mine and set the name exactly the same except for adding one letter I then copied the Animoji that my account had but adjusted it slightly so it wasn’t exactly the same.

The next step

Now most accounts try and add all of your friends but for this test I didn’t do this I simply added one person and then left the account.

The results

Facebook automatically shows this profile to all my actual friends as a new suggested friend and to date the account has had 10 friend requests from all of my friends non of whom have checked with me if I have a new account especially as my original account was active.

In fact I have only had one person send me a message asking me if I had a new account without actually tying to add it.

With this new account I can now access everyone’s personal details that they have set to friends only and shows how easy it is for hackers and thieves to do this.

Be safe, be secure

Always remember that everything you share can be accessed at any point in time and once it’s out there you cannot take it back. Always check if your friend suddenly has a new account and never provide personal sensitive data to your Facebook profile.