On May 27th this year HDCinema abruptly announced the end of the Android app similar to how it disappeared from iOS, much to the disappointment for many users. The owner of the Facebook page said they would be back with a new app and rumors quickly surfaced about the cause of the apps demise but many hardcore fans held hope for the comeback.

Yesterday HDCinema confirmed that for Android users their hope was not in vain with its launch of its new app titled SkyHD, now for those not aware Sky+HD is the name of a Satellite broadcasting network in the UK and so this has left many people confused at the choice of name however the app is still receiving hundreds of downloads.

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Upon investigation the app appears to look very similar to the updated CartoonHD app with a smaller database however within minutes you can see that the database is in-fact vast and with excellent streaming quality. Users would be forgiven for thinking that this app and the CartoonHD apps are made by the same people but they are actually separate apps.

For those interested in downloading the app you can grab it from here completely free. We are awaiting word whether or not they plan on making an iOS version.