With Apple uping the game by releasing a beta of iOS 8.4.1 yesterday now would be the best time to make sure you are on 8.4 and Jailbreak, if you are waiting on a Mac version you can use the PP jailbreak as it has been confirmed to work.

Simply download the tool from here and follow our guide.

Please Note We advise you to begin on a freshly restored iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The device should be running iOS 8.4, though it will work on all firmwares between iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.4. Close iTunes and Xcode before starting.

Step 1:
Once the tool has been downloaded open it and drag it to your Applications folder

Step 2:
Disable Find My iPhone, passcode, and enable Airplane mode

Step 3:
Connect your iPhone running iOS 8.4 to your Mac

Step 4:
Run PP jailbreak and make sure it detects your device

Step 5: 
Make sure the Install PP helper option is unchecked and click the Jailbreak button, read the instructions, and click the Continue button

Step 6:
Don’t touch your iPhone and let the jailbreak finish

Step 7:
Once the iOS 8.4 jailbreak completes, you may have to go through some of the iOS setup process. Once you get through that, find Cydia on your Home screen and launch Cydia and allow it to run through its initial setup then you are good to go.