If you are in the market for a smart digital alarm you may want to check out iHome’s iGV1, this bedside alarm clock is a dead ringer for the Google Home and even has a gray fabric speaker grill on the bottom and a top white upper half although it is shorter and has a flat top. The time is displayed on the side of the device, along with any upcoming alarms.

iHome’s has enabled the display to be dimmed or shut all the way off, while the time is synced automatically over Wi-Fi. On top of the alarm clock there are several physical controls to adjust the volume, as well as an integrated snooze button. Other useful features include a USB port to charge other devices and Bluetooth pairing to stream audio over a local device, as well as through Google Cast.

The built in Google Assistant allows users to control various smart home appliances, play music through a variety of streaming services, and perform searches and other queries just like the Google Home. The iHome iGV1 is coming soon to retailers across the United States for $139.99.