With the introduction of iOS 9 comes some fantastic features, one of these is the security has made the iOS so called “rootless”, we believe that in the right hands iOS 9 can be jailbroken. Jailbreak legend Stefan Esser aka i0n1c who up until recently showcased the only video of a 8.3 Jailbreakposted this tweet confirming the possibility of an iOS 9 Jailbreak. 


Another amazing feature is the ability for any user to sign an app to their own device in Xcode without the need for a developer account. One good thing about this is that developers can test out their own apps before purchasing a developer account however a downside is that there will be a select groups who will be looking to use this feature to install pirated apps. 

This has got the jailbreak world divided, those looking to install pirates apps only now thinks any attempt at a jailbreak is useless however the majority of the community are hoping that a jailbreak will be possible and fairly soon so that can continue to enjoy the latest firmware and still customise their device how the want. 

To be honest a split could be beneficial to the Jailbreaking world as no matter how many articles show the validity of jailbreaking it still has a stigma to it and hopefully a division would help to remove that stigma.