A week ago I purchased the google home, I had been debating the purchase for sometime and decided that due to googles vast amount of information it would probably be a good purchase.

The new google assistant app on the iPhone helped me with my decision to purchase as o find it can do more than Siri can. 

After unboxing the google home I set about testing it and whilst the hub has a much better ability to find information and even continue a conversation style flow I have found that it randomly cuts off at times and also it currently doesn’t have any Bluetooth ability which sucks considering they do not currently support Deezer. 

Google announced in their IO that Bluetooth is coming however currently it still doesn’t have enough for me to keep the item. If you are looking to purchase either an echo or google home i still think the google is better however I would hold off your purchase until after Apple’s WWDC event and after Bluetooth is released.