NapsterWhen someone mentions the word Napster it instantly reminds me of when I was a teenager in College sitting in an IT lesson on dial-up internet eagerly downloading all my favourite music whilst chatting with strangers in Internet Chat rooms.

napster downloads

Napster was one of the first online pirating tools that I used and at the time felt good about getting all my songs to listen to for free. Now skipping forwards a bit and Napster the robin hood of the digital music world was taken to court and shutdown and finally acquired by Rhapsody.


Rhapsody is a legal music streaming service who is fighting to make its name among the giants that are Apple Music, Spotify and even Deezer, unfortunately Rhapsody isn’t making much of an impact even though they offer 3 months paid streaming for $1 and $9.99 a month thereafter.

The company has decided that its time it made its self known and to do so they are going to switch back to the company name that it acquired “Napster”, most if not all have heard the name Napster and its even featured in the opening credits of Silicon Valley.

Napster is coming

Rhapsody hopes that in do so it will become an overnight global hit amongst people of all ages. The rebrand is aimed for the summer and the company plans on keeping it’s pricing structure the same. It will be good to see the old logo on your smartphone but I’m unsure if it will make a big of an impact as it’s rivals, let us know in the comments what you think about the resurrection of Napster, will you use it?