The social app Pheed is set to close its doors on April 11th to foxus on Galaxia. In an email to users it reads. 

Dear Pheeder,

Thank you for your use of Pheed. We
are very happy to have developed an
app that you enjoyed using. Over the
past few months we have spent
considerable time thinking about the
future of Pheed, and the benefits it
provides to our users. With this in mind,

we have determined that our focus is
better spent on our new platform
Galatia, in order to make it the best that
it can be.

Therefore on April 11th, we will be
shutting down Pheed. If you wish to
retain information from Pheed, it is your responsibility to download that
information prior to service shutdown.

After service shutdown you will lose
access to all information on Pheed.

Thank you for using Pheed. It was one
great ride! We truly are appreciative for the interest you showed in our product, and hope that you Will consider using our flagship Galaxia app in the future. To download Galaxia, visit


The Pheed Team