Jailbreaking is currently at it’s most crucial point where users are desperately waiting for a jailbreak or trying to hold onto the one they have. One of the problems users face is if their jailbroken device is acting up they hit reset settings hoping for a fix. 

Most veteran jailbreakers know that hitting the reset settings doesn’t fix the problem it actually causes the device to be stuck on the boot screen and the only recovery is to update to the latest firmware that Apple is signing which currently isn’t jailbreakable. 

This problem can be avoided thanks to the developer AngelXwind who has updated her highly popular tweak Mikoto to remove this option from the jailbroken device. 

If you are jailbroken and do not have Mikoto installed yet we highly recommend that you check it out. Mikoto is free and available from http://cydia.angelxwind.net/