DVD Screeners of popular films start to leak.

It’s that time of year when screeners are sent out for viewing ready for industry insiders to cast their votes for the Oscars and other awards. This year there were concerns that we wouldnt see any leaks, however, one prolific leak group Hive-CM8 has. oted that this year has been a tough one after they lost access to crucial contacts.

However Green Book and Ralph Breaks the Internet are available online. Hive-CM8 say that Green Book was selected because it has already grossed more than its budget. It’s unclear how many screeners Hive-CM8 has access to.

Thankfully Hive-CM8 are not the only leakers as EVO are also on the case and released a pirated DVD screener of Ralph Breaks the Internet. EVO say they got their hands on a copy two weeks ago and planned to have it out by Christmas, but it was delayed due to technical issues.

The group say “The DVDSCR season is not about leaking and hurting the studios itself, it’s about giving a chance for everyone to watch and enjoy some of the movies that arent even showing on their local theaters.”

We are sure we will see more leaks in the coming days.

Original source torrent freak