So a few days ago we did an unboxing of the Google Pixel 3, the reason we purchased this device was simple, in an all Apple household we were getting bored of iPhones, lets face it using the iPhone 8+ for a year has been great, the camera is fantastic, I like touch ID, the battery life is ok, wireless charging is a good feature but not a must have and since then Apple released the iPhone XR and XS models with not a massive change.

iPhone Camera Specs

Google has always been a side interest of mine, they are making some good products and whilst I know we give up a lot of our privacy we have to admit that they are leaps and bounds ahead in the machine learning department.

Google Pixel 3 Camera Specs

I currently own a Google Home and Google Home mini and whilst the sound quality is not as good as the HomePod the assistant is miles ahead. When Google first launched the Pixel phone I was honesty intrigued and said that in the next few years they will be a contender with the iPhone.

Fast forward three years the Pixel 3 has made some great improvements and whilst I don’t expect them to sell enough phones to take on Apple I believe they are at a point where we could consider owning one. The Android one software gives me better confidence knowing I will get security updates faster and I hate all the different android skins that other manufacturers apply.

After unboxing the camera we gave the camera a quick test and I knew straight away that I liked it, the single lens rear facing camera is a good iPhone 8+ contender and the software makes it good. The front facing camera is much better than the iPhone 8+ and I think it may even challenge the iPhone XS in certain situations.

Two days later we took the family for a day out and was able to test the camera to its full ability the Camera is in my opinion amazing and whilst in some instances I thought my iPhone 8+ gave better results the difference was negligible. Over all I am happy with the Google Pixel 3 and will certainly be glad to have this device in our house and I will certainly be keeping an eye on Google over the coming years.