Voice in a can has been around for sometime now and I purchased the app as soon as it launched and if I’m honest I half expected Amazon to cause an issue over the app so I didn’t review it.

Several months on and I use it a lot and it still works great and so I decided I wanted to do a review, I reached out to the developer to mention I wanted to review the app and as always asked if they would be willing to donate any copies. This is not. paid promotion of any kind and the developer has had no input into this review.

When I first installed the app it asks you to link it to your amazon account on your iPhone and then once on your Apple Watch with a code, once this is done its ready to go. Now I have to mention my first smart speaker was an Amazon Echo then an echo dot but since then I moved onto Google Home and HomePod, however, my love for voice in a can remains. For those who use the Amazon smart devices you will know just how good the assistant can be.

If you haven’t used any of their products you should know the assistant works extremely well, the assistant on the watch works just as good, at times it’s a little slow compared to Siri but thats to be expected as its not natively built into the Apple Watch like Siri is.

Apart from this the app works flawlessly, I am constantly checking the weather in places I plan to visit as here in the UK the weather changes constantly and the layout is simple and gives me the information I need at a glance and verbally as well. Controlling my smart accessories is easy as well as all the amazon integrations are fantastic. The fact that we are almost onto the series 5 Apple Watch and still no native Amazon support Voice in a can pays for itself.


The price for voice in a can is $1.99 and often has betas running for improvements and for an app priced so low to get so much support is amazing. You can purchase voice in a can here, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article we reached out to the developer who kindly agreed to donate a few copies for us to give away simply follow voice in a can on twitter, repost this article and send us a message to show you have done so and you will be entered into the giveaway. Winners will be picked at random.