There are plenty of people who are looking to find ways of watching cinema films such as Ant Man for free regardless of the quality. 

Many people came across an app called phimbox last year, it hosted pirated films for some time before Apple pulled it from the App Store. 

The app has come back under a new name but is essentially the same including the same logo and content, the app is now called Films Box and whilst a lot of the new cinema films such as Ant Man are poor cam quality it’s about as good as you are currently going to find anywhere else. 

This app is free and will most likely be pulled from the App Store soon so it’s worth getting as just like other apps including its predecessor phimbox once it’s on your device you can still use it. 

You can find Films box here

There are several apps that share the same story as films box they were all pulled from the AppStore and again and then simply renamed you can find them under their new names below: 

Films online

Cinema Box

Cinema Cloud

Cinema online