Today Apple held their annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), as always there were plenty of rumours and speculations of what Apple would be announcing.

WWDC Hello

Some of the speculations were a brand new iPhone with no headphone jack, iMessage for android, PayPal rival via iMessage and even an Amazon Echo rival, iOS 10 and much more.

This is the 27th World Wide Developer conference, Apple has officially made their announcement and we have the roundup below.

Watch OS 3

  • Instant launch time for apps, approximatley 7x faster, side button for dock and control centre when swipe up. Scribble allows users to reply quickly on watch to messages and recognises both English and Chinese.
  • New watch faces include Minney mouse, numerals and Actvity.
  • SOS on watch with one button press and after live call it brings up your medical information. The Watch also chooses the emergency number to call depending on which country you are in.
  • Apple Watch takes on Fitbit with activity sharing with family and friends for challenges.
  • Wheelchair users are also targeted in the fitness app.
  • Breath is new app with reminders to help users to take time to relax with deep breathing
  • More API’s for Devs to allow Apple Pay or backgrounding in fitness apps.


  • New Remote App, new channels, and play games all on the remote app, and the ability to type within the remote app.
  • Siri is improved to search YouTube and a live tune in feature to search channels available on tv and ipad
  • Single sign on for all apps with one sign in, Dark Mode on ATV, Home Kit and photo kit.


  • OS X now becomes MacOS and is called Sierra, more focus on continuity which includes auto unlock with Apple watch, Universal Clipboard between devices.
  • iCloud drive which has 10 Bilion customer documents and now has access to desktop frpm other devices, new user interface to keep old documents in cloud so more room on local devices.
  • Apple Pay now on Mac in web confirm ID with iphone and apple watch with finger print.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Siri now on MAC, Siri can search your device for files, search the Web, play music and even messasge people.
2016-06-13 18.48.02
Siri on Mac

iOS 10
Biggest release ever with 10 main new features.

iOS 10 compatible devices
  • Lock screen with raise to wake, 3D touch on notifications and ability to reply to messages and 3D touch to clear notifications (Jailbreak feature),
  • Widgets (Jailbreak feature)
  • Siri API now open to developers
  • Quick type with deep learning when writing, multi lingual typing
  • Photos, Face recognitionm object and scene recognition
  • Memories on photo to rival facebook moments
Memories tab on photos app
  • Maps improvements with quick controls to find things on route and also carplay intergration, Maps opening up to developers, find a resturant book a table and arrange an uber and pay for it all within Maps.
  • Music, new apple music with Library as 1st tab, then recently added, Lyrics within playing music (jailbreak feature), For you tab with daily curated playlist.
Apple Music
improved music app
  • News all new design and breaking news alerts
  • Home kit with new app called Home for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and will allow better smart home automation
  • Voicemail transcription, caller ID to avoid spam calls
  • Messgaes now has rich Links, camera and photo improvements in messages, bubble effects to personalise images, replace words with emoji with a single tap. Handwritten messages. Full screen effects within the messages app.
  • Messages app being opened to developers
  • Notes collaberation
  • Convesation view in message
  • Live photo editing and split view in safari on ipad.
  • End to end encryption, no user profiles on map routes, differential privacy.


  • Swift, Swift playground to teach kids to code on iPad using games and is free.

There will be no new devices scheduled so the rumours were all true this will be an all software update.

We also did a live stream blog of the event which users can see here.