Jailbreak FAQ

We often get asked the same questions regarding jailbreak so we wanted to put a central place for people to reference, these are in no particular order.

Q. Where can I find the latest jailbreak tools
A. You can find the latest jailbreak tools

Q. Can I Jailbreak my MAC?
A. No you cannot Jailbreak a MAC

Q. Can I Downgrade?
A. You can only downgrade if Apple is still signing the firmware

Q. How Can I downgrade?
A. Follow This

Q. Can I Jailbreak my Apple Watch?
A. Currently there is no Public Jailbreak for the Apple Watch

How to save shsh2 blobs
Shsh2 blobs play a part in downgrading your iOS device, we recently saw a tool called Prometheus which enabled downgrading of certain devices.

How to use shsh2:

1) Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes.

2) switch to the connected devices page.

3) On this page you need to make a note of our device’s “ECID”. This can be found by clicking repeatedly on the “Serial Number” field of your device until it appears.

4) Make a note somewhere of ECID information. An example “ECID” would be “1234Z5678J910”.

5) Open a browser window and go to the following site: https://tsssaver.1conan.com/

6) On this page, fill in the “ECID” field that you noted from iTunes. For “ECID”, you should use the option for “Hex” rather than “Dec”. Then select your device type and model.


7) Submit the page to save your blobs. The next page that appears will give you a link to download the blobs, as you can see in the image below. I would recommend saving them immediately from the link.

8) Click on the link to go to the blob download page.

9) On the page click “Download ZIP” to save your blobs to your ~/Downloads folder:

10) Check your ~/Downloads folder for the .zip file, and double-click to unzip it. Inside should be sub-folders for each iOS version, with further sub-folders for each of the five nonces and no nonce. Inside each one of these should be an .shsh2 file.