More malware found hidden in brain training on android AppStore

Back in October 2015 security firm lookout found several applications live in the Google Play Store written by the developers behind the Brain Test malware family, these apps had hundreds of thousands of downloads and had at least a four star average review score.

 This wasn’t the first time that the security firm had discovered malware hidden in brain training apps, just one month before Google had removed two Brain Test samples after a report by Checkpoint.

It has now emerged that on December 29th 2015 Lookout once again found that additional apps containing Brain Test malware were in Google Play.

They found 13 Brain Test samples in total, written by the same developers. The list below are the most recent apps discovered to be part of the Brain Test malware family:

Cake Blast

Jump Planet

Honey Comb

Crazy Block

Crazy Jelly

Tiny Puzzle

Ninja Hook

Piggy Jump

Just Fire

Eat Bubble

Hit Planet

Cake Tower

Drag Box

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